When the configuration frame is accepted, the status field is set to 0x00.

However, command responses may return error codes within the status field of the ZCL response frame. The main error codes are:

Error codeError typeComment
0x80Malformed commandMost of the time, the command has got wrong number of fields.
0x81Unsupported cluster commandThe "cluster specific command" is not supported by the cluster.
0x82Unsupported general
The “General command” is not supported by the cluster
0x86Unsupported attributeThe attribute is not supported or the command does not apply to the attribute.
0x87Invalid fieldOne of the parameter fields is invalid.
Frequent cause: Max < Min in configure reporting.
0x88Invalid valueThe request is incorrectly formatted.
Frequent causes: Unexpected frame size, or Bad attribute type; or on batch case if a specific batch is not available.
0x89Insufficient spaceThe parameter or the expected response is too big.
Typical cause: attempting to read a very large attribute which is designed to be read through filters and scope specifiers, typically the TIC cluster. The client should limit the number of requested result fields.
0x8cUnreportable attributeThe “configure reporting” or “read reporting configuration” is not supported by the selected attribute.
Either the attribute does not exist in the cluster or it is not reportable.
0x8dbad portInvalid port specified
When the option bit “NoHeaderPort” is used a port num can be specified it can’t be 0, 6 or 125 and > 223.
0x8eFrame too shortThe request seems too short.
Maybe some missing arguments or malformed request
0x8fFrame too longThe request seems too long.
Maybe some extra arguments or malformed request..
0x90Unsupported typeThe specified data type does not support the new multi criteria report configuration
0x91Bad modeThe specified mode of criteria is not allowed.
Only the reserved one 3 (0b11) should not be used.
0x92Unsupported slotThe slot specified to define the criteria is out of range.
0x93Bad eventRequired Trigger event (Fall/Exceed) is incompatible with required mode (Delta, Treshold).
0x94No available ActionsNo possibility to launch actions. Waiting for availability.
0x95Unsupported occurenceOccurrence High = Occurrence Low = 0 is forbidden
0x96Read only dataThe data/attribute is "read only". It can't be written.
0x97Selected index of Action is invalidThe action index is invalid. Number of available action depends on the sensor type. At least 5 (Action 0 to 4).
0x98Action list size is to longThe actions list of a criteria slot is too long. Size of action list per criteria slot depends on sensor type. At list 5 bytes. Sometimes upt o 19 bytes
0x99Unsupported specific writeTrying to write an attribute that is not "writable" or does not exist
0xc2Batch report: No free slotThe required batch configuration could not be added.
The number of batch reportable slots is currently limited to 8.
0xc3Batch report: Invalid Tag size.At least one other batch report configuration uses a different Tag size.
Use the same tag size for all batches configured on a device.
0xc4Batch report: Duplicate tag labelA requested Tag label is already used by another batch report configuration.
Choose another tag label.
0xc5Batch report: Label out of rangeTag label is bigger than it should be according to Tag size.
Tag label must be a number between : 0 and ([2^(Tag size ] – 1)
0xc6Batch report: No change requiredRequired Batch configuration does not change curent one. (not really an error)
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