TTN V3 tutorial

Watteco's devices are compatible with The Things Network. Follow the instructions below to create an application and add a new device (for the previous version of TTN console, please check this page):

  • Add Application: Click on Application tab, then "+ Create application"

  • Fill and click on Create application:

  • Select "Register end device" :

  • Select frequency plan, LoRaWAN version and regional parameters (example given is compliant with Watteco devices) :

  • Click on "Show advanced activation, LoRaWAN class and cluster settings" :

  • Put the JoinEUI/AppEUI (70 B3 D5 E7 5F 60 00 00 for Watteco devices) and Add DevEUI and AppKey information received from your distributor (Ask your distributor to get the keys if not provided with the devices):

  • The device is now provisioned on TTN and can be started:

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