Kit Lev'O+ Liquid Level



The Kit Toran'O - Lev'O+ - Level Liquid is a bundle compatible with the Toran'O device.

Family code

The family code of Kit Toran'O - Lev'O+ - Level Liquid device is: 50-70-209-(000 and upper)

User guide


Installation and operation


Connection diagram

Electrical cabling on the connection box between the cable of the sensor and the cable of the Toran'O.

Toran'O cable Sensor cable   
Black: Pin1 OUT V+ Brown: IN
Brown: Pin2 GND - White: GND
Red: Pin3 IN 4-20mA Measure Green: OUT

Radio propagation

see Toran'O


see Toran'O

Human Machine Interface

see Toran'O

Applicative layer

Codecs are available to decode frames: Downloads

Encoder are available on Online Codec

The external sensor is calibrated on 0 bar - 0.3 bar; so 4mA corresponds to 0 bar and 20mA corresponds to 0.3 bar.

The formule to use is :

Delta_Pressure  = (0.01875 * Measured_Value_mA - 0.075) * 100 000                    [Pascal]

Fluid_Level = Delta_Pressure / (9.81 * Fluid_Density)                                             [m] [Fluid_Density in kg/m3]

ex: Measured_Value_mA = 10mA => Delta_Pressure = (0.01875 * 10  - 0.075) * 100 000 = 11 250 Pascal

Our fluid is watter so the density is 997 kg/m3 => Fluid_Level = 11 250 / (9.81 * 997) = 1.15 m

Default configuration

A default configuration is set:

  • The device reports:
    • the 4-20mA input each day in standard mode and,
    • the voltage of the battery each 7 days.

Every change made to the default configuration must comply with the legal duty cycle (for example, the most restrictive in the EU is 0.1%, which corresponds to approximately 1 frame per hour with SF12)

Frame examples

see Toran'O

Known Issues

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