Lev'o+ sensor



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The Lev'o+  sensor is LoRaWAN class A sensor, it integrates a internal battery. It  also includes an internal antenna.

It integrates a Presso 4-20mA 50-70-0173, a relative pressure sensor 0-0.3bar  and a connection box in which atmospheric pressure is done. The Presso and  the relative pressure sensor are linked to the connection box with a 5 meters of cable, so 10 meters of cable.




Family code:

The family code of Lev'o+ devices is: 50-70-196.


Installation and use


The housing is compatible with the following DIN rail adapter:


For more information about the casing, visit: www.spelsberg.com

Propagation radio

see Presso


see Presso

Human Machine Interface

see Presso


Applicative layer

The Lev'o+ device implements “Analog Input” cluster on the EndPoint 0. So use 0x11 to configure the cluster.

Lev'o+  integrates the following clusters:

ClusterCluster name Managed attributes
0x0000 BasicAll
Threshold is available with 3 slots
0x000CAnalog InputAll
Threshold is available with 6 slots
0x000FBinary InputAll
Threshold is available with 4 slots



The external sensor is calibrated on 0 bar - 0.3 bar; so 4mA corresponds to 0 bar and 20mA corresponds to 0.3 bar.

The formule to use is :

Delta_Pressure  = (0.01875 * Measured_Value_mA - 0.075) * 100 000                    [Pascal]

Fluid_Level = Delta_Pressure / (9.81 * Fluid_Density)                                               [m] [Fluid_Density in kg/m3]

ex: Measured_Value_mA = 10mA => Delta_Pressure = (0.01875 * 10  - 0.075) * 100 000 = 11 250 Pascal

Our fluid is watter so the density is 997 kg/m3 => Fluid_Level = 11 250 / (9.81 * 997) = 1.15 m


Default configuration

A default configuration is set:

  • The device reports each 24 hours the 4-20mA value (EndPoint 0 / Cluster Analog Input /Attribut PresentValue).

Every change on the default configuration must respect the legal duty cycle. (For example the most restrictive in EU is 0.1%, so in SF12 it is around 1 frame each hour)

Measurement periodicity

The measurement periodicity depends on the minimum recording interval.

If the value of the minimum is 0, then the periodicity is 1 second.

If the value of the minimum is different than 0, then this value is the same as the periodicity.

Frame examples

Standard report

see Presso

Batch report

see Presso

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